Rubies in the leading role!

Valentine’s Day? Without a doubt the greatest celebration of love there is!
And what better excuse to make your sweetheart sparkle with a beautiful piece from the Haute Joaillerie jewellery collection by Tollet Joailliers.
Unforgettable and unique.

Since red is the colour of love, Tollet Joailliers turned to the radiant beauty of rubies to make this Valentine’s Day extra special.
The glittering red ruby is a gemstone that brings every woman’s own beauty to life.
To mark the occasion, Tollet has a selection of exquisite pieces featuring rubies and diamonds to choose from:
rings, earrings and pendants of unparalleled beauty.

Pure Passion

The teardrop or pear shape is a new trend in jewellery, and Saint Valentine approves.
Cut rubies play the leading role at the centre of these pieces, playfully encircled by diamonds.


A pretty teardrop necklace in 18-carat yellow gold with a double row of diamonds and a pear-shaped ruby. € 1,590


An 18-carat yellow gold ring that makes love king: the pear-shaped ruby is encircled by two rows of diamonds. € 1,990


Whisper sweet nothings in her ear, adorned with these elegant and romantic earrings.
The pear-shaped rubies are encircled by two rows of diamonds. € 2,190

Symbols of love

What will you give her this Valentine’s Day?
A piece of timeless jewellery with rubies radiating fiery passion in the leading role…

Timeless beauty

Immortalise your love with this yellow-gold ring, crowned with a glistening 1.39-carat red ruby, surrounded by 0.62 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds. € 5,300


Warm and contemporary: the fiery red of the 2.03-carat oval-cut ruby contrast beautifully with the row of brilliant-cut diamonds for a total of 0.24 carats. € 7,100

For always…

She dreams of this ring glittering on her finger, with a radiant 2.12-carat red ruby set in a rose gold ring, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. € 18,900

Captivating contrast

The warm glow of the ruby contrasts with the cool white gold and diamonds
for two beautiful rings with different looks.

Sleek and timeless

The sleek elegance of this octagonal Art Deco ring in 18-carat white gold with diamonds accentuates the extraordinary colour of the 2.03-carat pigeon blood red ruby.  € 11,900

From me to you… 

The perfect declaration of love: this romantic ring in white gold glitters with its diamonds and 1.95-carat oval pigeon blood ruby in a sealed setting. € 17,500

Love is king

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go the extra mile with these pendants and chains
that reflect the strength of your love, with the warm colour of rubies in the leading role.
For every outfit, for every occasion.


Accentuate the slenderness of your neck with the sparkle of this 0.41-carat ruby and a total of 0.19 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds. € 2,050

Captivating red

Slim and elegant: the 18-carat white gold pendant sparkles with diamonds and a pear-shaped fiery red cut ruby. € 2,190

Multicoloured and impossibly alluring

The Rainbow bracelet in rose gold is a beautiful creation from the Haute Joallerie collection.
It showcases every hue of the multi-coloured sapphires found in nature!
The electrifying 7.49-carat palette is accentuated by a row of diamonds totalling 1.29 carats. € 8,130

The prices indicated may change since the publication of this newsletter.


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