Great brands

that capture your emotions

Today’s most successful jewellery brands have one thing in common.
They sparkle with creativity and elicit an emotion, a feeling, a message.

This alchemy of precious materials, style and original vision shines through at Piaget, Dinh Van, Messika Paris, Fred Paris, Pascale Bruni and Gianfranco Mazzuri.
In the heart of the Tollet boutiques, five brands come together to share their world and their latest products.
Here’s a sneak preview!

Piaget: solar energy

Our Piaget boutique is the only one of its kind in Belgium and is home to the new Piaget Sunlight collection, which pays tribute to the most powerful of stars.
Combining refined glamour with the impressive expertise of the Geneva-based Maison, the Piaget’s gold and diamonds sparkle as brilliantly as the sun.


Day or night, summer or winter, this luxury pendant in rose gold and diamonds will illuminate your skin and remind you to make the most of the here and now.
Piaget Sunlight, €3,200.


For women who like to exude warmth, elegance and dazzling luxury, Piaget Sunlight earrings can be worn in two ways.
Rose gold, 32 diamonds, €8,500.

dinh van: independence of spirit

More than half a century after having invented design and minimalism in jewellery, the Maison dinh van continues to explore modern luxury.
Faithful to its basic shapes, born of iconoclastic inspiration, it is as contemporary as ever.


The iconic Menottes pendant, inspired by a key, is available in an XXL version with a reversible necklace: one side in lapis lazuli, the other in mother-of-pearl. A masterpiece with each stone being encased in yellow gold and cut from a single plate.
Menottes bracelet R35, limited edition, €15,500.


A new diamond-paved version and a new diamond-shaped wearer for the Cube Diamant dinh van XL.
Dazzling from every angle, the pendant fuses two essential geometries: the round as a sign of spirituality and the square as a symbol of stability.
Yellow gold, €7,000. 


More than ever, the famous Menottes dinh van motif created in 1976 is the unfailing symbol of attachment between two people and is available as a white gold and diamond ring.
Menottes ring, dinh van R12, €2,580.

Messika Paris: pure diamond audacity

Right from the start, Messika has pushed back the boundaries of style to make diamonds an everyday companion.
Its delicate, tactile signature jewellery radiates youth, energy and uninhibited creativity.


A genuine diamond signet ring, the So Move ring reinvents the iconic moving Messika diamond with stronger and more powerful contours.
White, yellow or rose gold, €5,500.


With their ideal length and rock-chic contrast between smooth and bevelled hoops Move Link’s luxury moving diamond earrings are perfect for office or evening wear.
White, yellow or rose gold, €6,300. 

Pasquale Bruni: the poetry of gentleness

Craftsmanship and manufacturing by hand in the heart of Italy have given birth to the floral jewellery of Pascale Bruni.
Discreet or dazzling thanks to a closely guarded exclusive paving technique, these jewels embody the everlasting connection between nature and women.


The floral charm of the pink gold Petit Joli ring is enriched by the symbolism of white agate: the velvety light of the fine stone represents the Moon and all the feminine universe.
Leaf motif set with white and champagne diamonds, €1,550.


Born to amaze, the Petit Garden collection unfurls its translucent petals paved with white and champagne diamonds. It is inspired by the lush nature of the Hawaiian Islands and the spirituality of Bali.
Petit Garden medium flower necklace, rose gold, €3,990.

Fred Paris: joie de vivre

Each piece of Fred jewellery exudes happiness, bringing magic to moments both big and small.
The new ‘Chance Infinie’ collection celebrates the power of femininity and self-confidence.
The delicate, ethereal curves of its design are a sign of infinity and eternity.


Combining a stainless steel chain with a yellow gold-plated stainless steel clasp, the Chance Infinie bracelet radiates like a talisman.
Medium model, €2,810.


Its charming aesthetics with a setting of 21 brilliant-cut diamonds speak of infinity.
Chance Infinie rose gold necklace, €3,810.

Gianfranco Mazzuri: happy colours

All of the charm of Italy is reflected in the finesse of these jewels adorned with fine stones.

Decorative motifs

Trio of chain bracelets in rose gold, bursting with the jewelled confetti of multicoloured gemstones, from €350.


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