When we have so much

to say to each other,


jewellery collections

can speak for us !

‘V-Day’ will soon be here!

On 14th February, the love of your life hopes and waits for a declaration of love.
No use relying on Cupid:
Tollet Jewellers have a much better solution.

Let their jewellery say it for you !
On Saint Valentine’s Day, the heart of the three Tollet shops beats faster and harder to help inspire all lovers.
Here’s a selection of jewellery capable of expressing every nuance of that loving feeling…

18-carat rose gold hearts:

the sweetness of caresses

Pendentif Collection Tollet Or rose

Necktie necklace
Graphic and sensuous: a trio of hearts with a quality of weightlessness, 295 €.

Boucles Oreilles Collection Tollet Or rose

Passionate hoops
Hoop earrings in which two moving hearts dance a waltz, 270 €.

Pendentif Collection Tollet Or rose

Milky pendant
Rounded gold forms lovingly protecting a milky heart, 380 €.

Bracelet Collection Tollet Or rose

… a host of hearts and stars light up an enchanting supple bracelet, 320 €.

Touches of colour and fine stones:

the tenderness of every day

Each more irresistible than the last! Small-chain bracelets in 18-carat rose gold interspersed with fine faceted stones, from 295 €.

Ultra tender, ultra trendy
Long ‘chain’ earrings are ‘THE’ fashionable gift.
In 18-carat rose gold, these hold a series of amethyst, citrine, peridot and aquamarine gemstones, 360 €.

Hearts of 18-carat white gold and diamonds:

the lustre of passion

Pendentif Confidence by Tollet

Heart with pure, clean outlines, secured to a gold chain. Confidence pendant by Tollet, 0.19 carat. 895 €

Pendentif Confidence by Tollet

An absolutely irresistible 0.10-carat baby heart! Confidence pendant by Tollet, 695 €.

Pendentif Confidence by Tollet

Diamonds (0.25 carat) closely entwined with gold …
Confidence pendant by Tollet, 950 €.

Pendentif Confidence by Tollet

Confidence pendant by Tollet set with 0.50-carat diamonds, 1,450 €.

Pendentif Confidence by Tollet

Its delicate “four-claw” settings unite 1.03 carats of diamonds!
Confidence pendant by Tollet, 2,350 €.


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