The first in Belgium, Europe and the world…

The prestigious Piaget company

has chosen a brand corner at Tollet to promote

its prestigious creations.

Piaget Corner Tollet

For more than 20 years a reciprocal trust has existed between Tollet and Piaget. The elegance and distinction of Piaget’s creations have always found an ideal setting in Belgium. Today this long-standing loyalty has been rewarded with a very special privileged status:  the choice of this location for the first ever Piaget concept corner in the world. 

But good news never arrives in isolation. The Swiss company has decided to offer us – and specifically our flagship boutique in the heart of Brussels – the exclusivity for its jewellery collections for Belgium and Luxembourg. As well as a wide selection of its outstanding timepieces.

Piaget is first and foremost an advocate of style : visitors to 36 rue de Fripiers will be able to explore the different collections in the comfortable intimacy of a specially designated area where each detail, each colour and each element of decor reflect the characteristics of a world that is passionate about creativity. The teams of Piaget and Tollet have worked hand in hand to create a unique and perfectly harmonious microcosm.

A cocoon of luxury, refinement and total privacy. Please be our guest and make yourself at home!
Corner Piaget Tollet


he showcase, embossed with blue and light features, brings together a rich selection representing the watchmaking art of Piaget . High-precision movements, extra-flat timepieces, iconic models, jewelled watches, to name but a few.


the Possession collection! 25 years ago, the marriage of gold and a mobile ring was born and with it an icon in the world of jewellery. Each aspect of a woman’s life can be expressed in the glitter of the diamonds or the energising colours of gemstones. Spheres of turquoise, malachite, lapis-lazuli, onyx or coral : the new Possession collection is a dazzling technicolour show.


Possession collection

Ultimate elegance

Long Possession earrings in rose gold (G38PZ300 – € 7,850), Possession necklace and bracelet in white gold inset with diamonds (G33P0092 – € 2,130 and G36PV500 – € 12,700).


Possession collection

A passion for colours

New Possession talismans: necklace, delicate chain bracelet and emblematic rose gold ring adorned with bright green malachite (G33PB300 – € 1,720, G36PB718 – € 1,220 and G36PB115 – € 6,400).




Emperador coussin XL 700 P

In platinum and white gold, the Emperador Coussin XL 700 P reveals the special mechanical details of its automatic movement : a high-frequency generator instead of the traditional escapement (G0A41041 – € 79,000).

Extra flat

Altiplano rose gold 40 mm

The 40-mm Piaget Altiplano in rose gold owes its inimitable elegance to the flattest automatic calibre in the world (G0A38131 – € 24,500).

Tollet-Piaget_New-Generation-PoloS_ G0A42005_G0A43001

New generation

Polo S 42 mm

Cushion dial, round stainless steel case: the Piaget Polo S 42 mm defies conventions and is thus the perfect personification of the Piaget DNA. Under its blue or slate grey dial is a specially created Manufacture automatic movement. Hour, minute, second version (G0A43001 – € 8,900) or full chronograph (G0A42005 – € 14,700).


Limelight Gala 32 mm

Like a priceless jewel, the Piaget Limelight Gala 32 mm is radiant with diamonds and rose gold – from the case to the hand-woven Milanese mesh wrist strap. Piaget quartz movement (G0A41213 – € 38,800).



Possession 34 mm

The iconic Possession look is also present in the 34-mm watch in stainless steel and diamond index. The signature ring is reincarnated in the bezel inset with a diamond. Wrist strap in alligator blue, Piaget quartz movement (G0A43090 – € 4,200).


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