History & tradition

Garel Paris has devoted particular attention to detail in the production of its jewellery for more than 25 years. With their considerable collective experience in jewellery-making, the teams of Garel Paris have stayed absolutely abreast of the latest trends so that they can offer women the most refined jewellery with pure, sensual and graphic lines. Jewellery that is the perfect embodiment of the values and culture of the company.

Envol Collection

The Envol collection is the Garel signature collection.

The elegant lines and the graphic and airy setting of the stones are the unique characteristics of this brand. A true gold ellipse with, at its extremities, a setting that encases and enraptures a pure dazzling diamond.


The Solitaire, a timeless and precious jewel that reflects the intensity of the moment, the purity of the gesture and the symbol of love.

Envol, the symbol of contemporary elegance.


Rose Gold Solitaire Ring, one 0.25 carat diamond | Recommended retail price: € 1,890 • Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring, one 0.25 carat diamond | Recommended retail price: € 1,490 • Solitaire on Yellow Gold Forçat Chain Necklace, one 0.2 carat diamond | Recommended retail price: € 1,390


A more intense version of the Solitaire. Discover the Solitaire Accompagné with its exceptional setting. Garel reveals an irresistibly intense piece of jewellery.

Sumptuous and romantic …


White gold Solitaire Accompagné Ring, one central 0.25 carat diamond and 32 x 0.43 carat diamonds | Recommended retail price: € 3,990 • Envol White Gold Semi-pavé-setting white gold chain bracelet, nine 0.09 carat diamonds | Recommended retail price: € 990 • Envol Semi-pavé-setting White Gold Earrings, one 0.2 carat diamond | Recommended retail price: € 1,490


Ever since it was first created, the Envol Trilogy has been the hallmark collection of Garel. Sensual and unique, Trilogy is a true declaration of Love.

Graceful curves to reveal the most beautiful jewels in all their glory…


White gold Trilogy ring, three 0.3 carat diamonds | Recommended retail price: € 2,150 • Rose Gold Trilogy Ring, three 0.18 carat diamonds | Recommended retail price: € 1,490


The Envol collection inspired the creation of a most precious design: the Dancing Stone. The central stone is in perpetual movement and shimmers and shines with a thousand glints with every step you take.

It adds a touch of originality to brighten up your days and lights up your evenings with a sparkle.


White Gold Forçat Dancing Stone Necklace, one 0.3 carat diamond and 41 x 0.38 carat diamonds | Recommended retail price: € 4,650 •  White Gold Dancing Stone Torque Necklace, one 0.3 carat diamond | Recommended retail price: € 3,100€ •  White Gold Dancing Stone Pendant Earrings, two 0.3 carat diamonds | Recommended retail price: € 2,400

Our dedicated teams offer you a warm welcome in our stores in Brussels, Waterloo and Woluwé where they will be happy to introduce you to the GAREL Paris ENVOL jewellery collection and all the latest creations.

• Brussels — 36 rue des Fripiers, 1000 Brussels  +32 2 218 11 93
• Waterloo — 177 chée de Bruxelles, 1410 Waterloo  +32 2 354 24 65
• Woluwé — The W Shopping, 1200 Brussels  +32 2 762 35 47


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