Des fêtes à prix tendres chez Tollet

Thanks to you, Christmas will still be Christmas!

Tollet Jewellers will help you with that.

This year, the festive holidays will be different: let’s make them sparkle with golden moments and gifts!

From Brussels to Waterloo, our boutiques are celebrating their reopening with lovely jewellery ranges, perfect for giving. Trimmed-down prices, luminous styles, gorgeous colours: everything you need to give someone joy, pure joy.
A piece of jewellery is personal, it’s a bit of yourself: here are rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to suit all tastes. Guaranteed smiles on 25th December!

She dreams of diamonds.

Collection-Tollet-Pendentifs a prix tendres

Twinkling trio.

Tollet collection, 18-carat white gold chains with brilliant-cut solitaire diamond. In several sizes, priced accordingly.

Collection-Tollet-puces-oreilles a prix tendres

Dazzling duo.

Tollet collection, 18-carat white gold ear studs, brilliant-cut diamonds. In several sizes, priced accordingly.

She lives her life in technicolour.

Gianfranco_Mazurri_Collier a prix tendres

Luxurious palette.

18-carat rose gold necklace, semi-precious stones and Sky Blue topaz. Happy Colors by Gianfranco Mazurri: from 795 €.

Gianfranco_Mazurri_Bracelets a prix tendres

Portable rainbows.

18-carat rose gold bracelets with multiple semi-precious stones. Happy Colors by Gianfranco Mazurri: from 340 €.

She’s crazy for blue and you.

Collection-Tollet-Bagues-Azur a prix tendres

Riviera blue.

Tollet collection, 18-carat white gold rings, emerald-cut aquamarine encircled with diamonds (995 €), pear-cut aquamarines with diamonds (510 €) or solo (455 €).

Collection-Tollet-bracelet-Azur a prix tendres

Confetti blue.

Tollet collection, 18-carat white gold bracelet, cushion-cut close-set aquamarines: 380 €.

Collection-Tollet-Pendentifs-Azur a prix tendres

Aqua blue.

Tollet collection, 18-carat white gold pendant, oval-cut aquamarine: 790 €.

She’s a designer fan.

Collection-Tollet-Bracelet-maillons-allonges a prix tendres


Tollet collection, bracelet with elongated 18-carat white gold and yellow gold links: 450 €.

Collection-Tollet-Collier-Circulaire-Divise a prix tendres


Tollet collection, 18-carat yellow gold necklace half pavé-set mother-of-pearl: 310 €.

Collection-Tollet-Collier-Circulaire a prix tendres


Tollet collection, 18-carat yellow gold necklace: 475 €.

Collection-Tollet-Collier-NALU a prix tendres


Tollet collection, its mother-of-pearl and 18-carat yellow gold waves move! Nalu by Tollet: 990 €.

She’s romantic.

Collection-Tollet-Bracelet-Toi-moi a prix tendres

You and me.

Tollet collection, 18-carat yellow gold bracelet, heart motifs with pavé-set mother-of-pearl, including one with little hearts in yellow gold: 650 €.

Collection-Tollet-Sautoirs a prix tendres

Sweet but stylish.

Tollet collection, 18-carat yellow gold long necklace with a succession of gold and mother-of-pearl hearts: 680 €.
Tollet collection, 18-carat yellow gold long necklace with gold and mother-of-pearl graphic flowers: 680 €.

She’s sensitive.

Collection-Tollet-Collier-Fleur-ou-arbre a prix tendres


Tollet collection, on the front, their 18-carat rose gold lines shimmer with beads on the mother-of-pearl. On the reverse, they’re smooth. Flower or tree of life necklaces: 775 €.

Collection-Tollet-Bracelets-Double-chaine a prix tendres


Tollet collection, double-chain bracelet in 18-carat rose gold alternating solid and open discs: 380 €
Double-chain bracelet in 18-carat gold clasping multiple hearts: 340 €.

She accepts her sweet indulgences.

Gianfranco_Mazurri_Bagues-square-mineral a prix tendres

Scrumptious squares.

Square Mineral rings in 18-carat rose gold, rose quartz, amethyst, London Blue or Sky Blue topaz. Gianfranco Mazurri: 1,390 €.

Gianfranco_Mazurri_bague-et-boucles-oreilles-Mineral a prix tendres

Violet sweets.

Mineral ring and earrings in rose gold, set with amethysts. Gianfranco Mazurri: 725 € and 590 €.

Gianfranco_Mazurri_Collier-Mineral a prix tendres

Syrup drop.

Mineral necklace in 18-carat rose gold with pink amethyst. Gianfranco Mazurri: 675 €.

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