Restore the radiance

of your favourite ring

Bague Confidence

When you love something, nothing else counts. At Joailliers Tollet we know that all too well.
And countless days have no doubt passed since you first slipped your beloved ring onto your finger. That fact will be clear to see as it will have lost some of its bright sparkle.

We’d like to offer you a special gift: we will restore its radiance.

Radiance Restored promotion

until 31 December !

We will clean and polish your favourite ring for free !

Take advantage of it today.

Take advantage of this special beauty treatment for rings* to come and discover our new collection entirely dedicated to diamonds.

* Non-conditional offer for your favourite ring in yellow, pink or white gold with or without stone setting.

In total CONFIDENCE...

This new line that is made up exclusively of pieces with diamonds is called Confidence. Confidence in jewellery designed and made to last.

They are machine fashioned from a block of solid gold to guarantee solidity, resistance and character. We pay particular attention to the setting of the diamonds so that our customers can enjoy the wonderful sparkle knowing that their precious stone is held in a strong and secure embrace.

Today, diamonds are trendy, dazzling with an omnipresent sparkle at engagements, weddings or simply as your favourite shiny object. Here are our TOP 10 !

lijn confidence



The shape, the centrally set diamond and the elegance: we love everything about this highly stylish ring.

• € 2200/0.48 ct.


Circles of light

The diamonds form circles in a generous ring that produces the most delicious vertiginous experience.

• € 1700/0,41 ct.

Confidence ring
ligne confidence


Solar solitaire

In the past a solitaire was for life. Today you can have one just because you want one.

• € 2440/0,48 ct.


Round and tapered

Pear-shaped ring. Beautiful enough to eat. Inspired by a gourmet taste for 31 diamonds.

• € 1790/0,50 ct.

line confidence
Bague Confidence


The glow of togetherness

A few diamonds nestling together are a perfect and affordable way to radiate the intensity of a unique gem.

• € 1100/0,42 ct.


What could be sweeter ?

Diamond studs to wear like mini beauty spots.

• € 1390/0,41 ct.

Boucle d'oreille Confidence
Confidence pendant



A heart, round and reassuring like a soft toy but with the sparkle of a precious treasure.

• € 1580/0,50 ct.


Straight to the point

The geometry of love in a pendant with a finale in the form of a beautiful solitaire diamond.

• € 1670/0,35 ct.

Pendentif confidence
Confidence ring


Parallel worlds

Gold and diamond, set like railway tracks side by side creating a duo of lovers: forever.

• € 1780/0,52 ct.



There’s only one response to this: YES. An array of diamonds that equals the degree of your ultimate happiness!

• € 3990/1,09 ct.

Bague Confidence


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