Forever magical with diamonds!

Only diamonds can make the festive season sparkle without end.

Our Confidence by Tollet collection, exclusively dedicated to diamonds, gives them a helping hand by constantly reinventing their sparkle.
See how they charm, dazzle and sparkle at midnight like the finest champagnes…

The trend towards shaped stones is coming to diamonds too, and they have certainly understood the assignment.

Square diamonds

Multi-row ring in 18 ct white gold set with princess-cut (1.33 ct) and brilliant-cut (0.64 ct) diamonds, €5,300.

Duo of octagons 

Earrings in 18 ct white gold with brilliant-cut diamonds set with three baguette-cut diamonds and two princess-cut diamonds, €3,140.

White rectangle 

Four baguette-cut diamonds form a perfect rectangle in the centre of an 18 ct white gold ring set with brilliant-cut diamonds, €2,830. 

Round, oval, rectangle, triangle: diamonds play with shapes in this jewellery collection, for unparalleled allure.

Delicate frieze 

Ring in 18 ct white gold set with playful pear-cut, oval, octagonal and brilliant diamonds of almost 1 ct, €3,190.

Free figure

Three pears to quench your thirst for originality… an 18 ct white gold necklace, €1,410.

Illuminated puzzle  

A cheerful combination of five marquise, oval, pear and octagonal-cut diamonds in an 18 ct white gold necklace, €1,970.

Diamonds that accentuate the curves of ultra-feminine jewellery.


“Toi & Moi” ring in 18-carat white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a pair of pear- and princess-cut diamonds of 0.70 ct, €2,490.


A circle of princess-cut, brilliant-cut and pear-cut diamonds in this 18 ct white gold necklace of around 1.29 ct, €4,450. 


18 ct white gold ring with intersecting rows of diamonds bowing to a 0.90 ct brilliant-cut diamond in the centre, €5,990.

Diamonds flirt with infinity and court the light in the purest jewels.


18-carat white gold band semi-pavé with baguette-cut diamonds (1.75 ct) and brilliant-cut diamonds (0.50 ct), €7,490. 


Like a caress of light, a river of diamonds bracelet in 18 ct white gold of almost two carats, €5,230.


Baguette-cut diamonds (0.54 ct) give their tempo to a white gold ring highlighted with brilliant-cut diamonds, €2,610.


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