Five names

in jewellery writ large …

Chaumet, dinh van, Fred, Messika, Piaget: five great jewellery houses make their vision of luxury sparkle in our three Tollet boutiques in Brussels city centre, Woluwé and Waterloo.

Take a look at their new designs and our particular favourites. A treasure-trove of temptation guaranteed!

Chaumet: legacy of love

From the 18th century to the present day, Chaumet is still the jeweller’s of femininity and feelings.
The Liens collection is ravishingly beautiful proof of that: one in which rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings celebrate the union of two lines of gold.


The voluminous Liens Séduction bracelet wraps around the wrist bearing an exquisite knot set with 59 diamonds, adding up to 1.07 carats. Rose gold: 15,460 €.


Pretty and sentimental in equal measure: the Liens Séduction ring embodies the affection of those who love each other. Rose gold, knot set with 7 diamonds: 3,700 €.

dinh van: the sensuality of minimalism

dinh van jewellery pieces combine the precision of the design with the smoothness of the finest silk.
As soon as you wear one of them, it becomes part of you. Essential, graphic and pure.


The Menottes clasp, the Maillon chain: two dinh van inventions brought together in one bracelet in yellow gold with semi-pavé diamonds.
Menottes bracelet R12: 3,700 €.


Menottes R 13,5 drop earrings stylishly hold fast the essential symbol of attachment.
Yellow gold: 3,600 €.


The rounded forms of the Menottes clasp placed in the middle are highlighted by the precision of the dinh van Maillon: the first rectangular link in the history of jewellery!
Menottes necklace R 13,5, yellow gold: 6,600 €.


A magnetic lustre glows around the alluringly sensual Menottes R12 high-end jewellery necklace in white gold covered with pavé-set diamonds.
This pure gem is protected by a push-button safety clasp: 42,000 €.

Fred: the fusion of energy and radiance

Relaxed and cherished, the Force 10 bracelet, emblem of the Parisian jewellery house since 1966,
was the result of the unexpected encounter between a nautical-inspired steel cable and a shackle-clasp in gold.
Once avant-garde, now irresistible!


The Force 10 bracelet breathes its joyous energy into an adjustable necklace in rose gold set with 32 diamonds.
Medium model: 4,780 €. 


Like an ever-lasting summer on the wrist: Force 10 bracelet with blue rope-cord wristband and rose gold shackle-clasp set with 14 diamonds: 5,240 €. 

Messika: jewellery of diamonds and of freedom

Founded in 2005, the young Parisian House has been able to make diamonds fall in love with everyday life forever.
The Move Uno motif with the moving diamond is an icon of the Messika style and features in modern pieces that are easy to live with.

Bohemian chic  

The latest arrival in the Move collection, this adjustable chain necklace is adorned with 5 Move Uno charm-style pendants entirely encrusted with diamonds and articulated.
Move Uno Pavé Charm Choker, rose gold and diamonds: 4 790 €.

Truly, madly, deeply

Placed on a graceful ring, the Move Uno motif draws ever more diamonds to it!
Move Uno yellow gold: 880 € – Move Uno diamonds rose gold: 1,150 € – Move Uno Pavée diamonds white gold: 1,490 €.

Piaget: the wonderful whirling waltz

Possession is an invitation to play with its turning bands.
One click and the dance of gold and diamonds begins!
Created in 1961, the “Décor Palace” finish enhances the new rings with gorgeous effects of light.
The hand-engraved grooves turn them into pieces of uncompromising elegance.


This ring releases its positive energy with each rotation of its turning band: in engraved gold, punctuated with the signature diamond in a half-moon setting.
Rose gold: from 2,330 €. 


Four rows of gold, two of which turn eternally: one set with diamonds, the other textured according to the virtuoso “Décor Palace” technique.
Rose gold, wide model: 9,250 €.


In the middle, the two bands set with diamonds turn independently to capture the light even more effectively.
The two bands with their “Décor Palace” ribbed finish frame this addictive spectacle, reflecting the incredible expertise of Piaget.
Rose gold, wide model: 18,400 €.


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