by Tollet

Being a woman and saying it with an item of jewellery

What exactly does it mean to have eternal femininity ?

Claiming the power to express oneself while remaining an air of mystery.
Based on this enigmatic ambivalence, Maison Tollet has created something that is more than just a new collection of jewellery; it is a manifesto of freedom and femininity. A coded language in 18-carat rose gold with coloured gemstones at its heart.
Jewellery that is both gentle and striking, symbolic and playful, that gives expression without saying a word.

Symbol by Tollet Bracelets
Symbol by Tollet Sautoir

A double dose

of inspiration !

The Symbol by Tollet collection that is all warm round shapes takes its inspiration from the two universal allegories of femininity: the triangle, the sign of the gift of life and the moon that hints at the notion of new life, a renaissance.

Rings, necklaces, pendants, cord bracelets or chain bracelets: each item of the Symbol by Tollet collection unites the two metaphors in a subtle play of shapes and colours. One triangular, the other spherical. And at their heart, a selection of gemstones in a range of colours that each add a special significance.

The white of mother-of-pearl, the intense blue of lapis lazuli, the azure tones of turquoise, the deep green of malachite, the black night of onyx: this palette of colours offers the opportunity for one’s own personal interpretations, a host of different messages associated with a certain a moment in time, a yearning or a sentiment.

Symbol by Tollet :

a form of expression that goes far beyond

the notion of fashion.

With a wealth of colour. And shaded with a hint of mystery so that everyone can add their own personal symbolism. Designed and produced entirely in Belgium, the items in this collection of talismans and good-luck charms are ideal for multiplying and combining: one, two, three and more to reflect your mood.  From any of the Joailliers Tollet boutiques in Brussels, Woluwe and Waterloo.


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